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Our Two Cents

Chris here – I just want to say one thing before you read on – we are not your average Economic and Political Commentators. We worry more about our message and less about our persona. We are the voice of the largest living generation in the United States, we are the Millennials. We are not lazy or tech-addicted, we are inspired and revolutionary. As the most globally connected generation in history, we reject the “Us Versus Them” mentality and we advocate to ameliorate a more united Political, Social and Economic world.

Our objective is to provide our readers with a fresh take on current events.  Read on below.  The following describes the foundation of The Economic Savant, don’t miss our story on the next page! Meet The Nerd behind this operation, and then check out our stuff. Okay? Cool. That’s it, check us out. For real, check us out.

Our Birth

The Economic Savant, founded in December 2015 and based out of Princeton, NJ is a place for Students, Economists, Political Experts, Investment Professionals, and Enthusiasts to speak freely on anything from Economics to Politics.

Current economic events and economic policy sounds good to us. Future IPO’s, Hedge Funds, and Investment Opportunity sounds even better. And the Presidential Election of 2016 just sounds juicy.

This blog also offers an outlet for those generally fed up with the bureaucracy we call our Economic and Political system(s). The Economic Savant offers a stylistic, satirical school of thought for anything and everything economically, and politically related.

I must also note that we will be from time to time posting on random topics; interests of ours are film, music, and pop culture. Look out for our opinion on these topics.

We will also offer insight into the market and provide exposure to business as well as investment opportunities. Remember to invest at your own risk. The site will remain free for the near future.

Together with a large enough following, and exposure, hopefully we can inform the public and truly make a difference!


Please feel free to comment and contact me with any questions; I will reply same day.  I can be reached @ cbnash22@gmail.com.
Be sure to follow the site for daily and weekly updates.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Currently Looking For Staff

It is important to convey we are looking for more contributors, staff, and editors. We have seen significant growth since inception one month ago; we are targeted for about 20,000 hits/month at this pace in our first month since founding and the future is looking bright. And obviously with growth, comes additions such as SEO, improvements in UI, etc.

If interested in contributing to the site or for presentation of business opportunities, please feel free contact Christopher Nash at cbnash22@gmail.com w/ the subject line “EconomicSavant”.



© 2016 The Economic Savant. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Wishing the two Christopher’s and Andrew (probably has all the ladies after him), much success and Congratulations on your venture.

    The during 2016. I want to help spread the word, send me the link, please.


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