The Nerd on a Mission

“It’s not enough to wish, dream, hope. Even children know this. We must set sail into the sea of uncertainty. We must meet fear face-to-face. We must take our dreams as maps for a greater journey. Dreams, to come true, need a good story. So go live one.”

― Vironika Tugaleva

The Story of THE (Awesome) Nerd

Jeez, you probably opened this page and was like really? A quote related to dream chasing? Really? What nerds, or maybe you liked it.  And by the way, nerds are cool in today’s times. Either way, we’re here to stay, and we’re going to say a lot over the years.  Check us out and you be the judge.

Anyway, I’m going to get straight to the point: we are a group of Young Professionals with a zeal for Economics and Politics.  The site was originally founded and built on the dreams of one young man, Christopher Nash. Ok, I gotta run – let me wrap this up.  But I’m going to conclude with the fact that we’re young, ambitious, and ready for success.  We’ve learned the best way to learn is through real world experience.

Our Mission

Growth is a beautiful thing; we believe in always improving oneself and never standing still.  We provide a distinct view on the world and founded The Economic Savant in December 2015 to share our knowledge and point of view on world events. Stick around and hear our perspective on current events, business news, political news, and everything in between! Our mission is to provide the world with an unfiltered, and sometimes (okay, maybe sometimes is a little understated) twisted and unhealthy spin on current events.

Our promise to our readers and subscribers is to always expose the truth, no matter the circumstances.  We are heavily influenced by Vice, and admire their style, selection, and presentation.  The Economic Savant is independently owned and operated; we have no motives, obligations, and all published material are chattels of our minds.  Many have dreams, but few follow them.  In this day and age, we want to shatter expectations of millennials and achieve eminence. With us, we believe in following our hopes, and aspirations through action.  Our subscribers are the most important thing to us; feel free to contact us at, or on Twitter @The Economic Savant.  We will reply quickly.

The Founder and Chief Editor of The Economic Savant

Christopher Nash



Christopher Nash is a 25 year old graduate of Finance who was born and grew up just outside of Princeton, NJ.  He has a B.S in Finance from Rutgers Business School New Brunswick.  Since graduating from the University, Chris has held positions at Bloomberg L.P and Morgan Stanley.

Currently, Chris is employed as a Manager of Pricing and Contracts in the Pharma Industry; however, he is in pursuit of a Wall Street position. Extremely proactive, Chris is also pursuing other ventures and is studying Computer Science at the Massachussets Institute of Technology.   He is always open to new business opportunities.

Chris’ interests include Indie Music and Film, Mathematics, Information and Analytics, Philosophy, Traveling, Writing, iOS and Android Application Development, as well as the World of Economics and Politics.

He has a dream of one day starting his own fund and/or founding a firm that gives back to humanity.

He also considers himself to be a Startup Enthusiast. Tom’s Brand is his guilty pleasure at the moment. Technology, science, learning, volunteering, and love would also qualify as passions of his. It is also worth noting that Christopher is working on a novel of his own at the moment, describing growing up as a Millennial in today’s Suburban America.

 Staff Writers and Contributors

Christopher Putvinski



Christopher Putvinski is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is studying environmental health. He previously attended and graduated from Villanova University.

At Affairs Today, Christopher primarily focuses on the developing world, covering topics that range from the environment to political instability and war. Having just completed an internship in Washington, D.C., in which he studied US-Asian relations, Christopher is now interning in Philadelphia.

Chris is also the Founder of the website, The Outsider.



Andrew Brierty




Andrew Briery, a 16 year old high school sophomore from Texas enjoys running track, playing basketball, xbox, drums, oh and…..the stock market! He created Wall Street For Teens in his efforts to:

Share investing insights, and to educate Millennials all over the world in the field of finance; something our education system strongly fails to do.

On The Economic Savantyou can find articles regarding all things money, with the goal to educate, apprise, and produce gains for the investor. He also created the website Wall Street For Teens.

Finally, Andrew has published his own book titled Step Into Wall Street: A Guide to Growing your Wealth Young.  It can be purchased on Amazon here.





Currently on the Prowl for Writers & Contributors

It is important for us to convey we are looking for more contributors, staff, and editors. We have seen significant growth since inception, and in 2016 we are targeted for about 20,000 hits/month.  The future looks bright;  and obviously with growth, comes additions such as SEO, improvements in UI, etc.

If interested in contributing to the site or for presentation of business opportunities, partnerships, etc. please feel free contact Christopher Nash at w/ the subject line “EconomicSavant”.




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